Johnson Valiant

Larry Knapp kc8jx at YAHOO.COM
Mon Aug 21 09:25:58 EDT 2000

I am in the process of modifying the audio circuits in a Valiant I.  While I
was there I am also going to replace some old paper and wax capacitors under
the unit.  I have one question and one request.

1).  Question.  In my Valiant there is a .5mfd/400V wax capacitor which I
believe to be C89 (it's in the middle of the unit).  The schematic says that
this capacitor is a .1mfd/400 v.  Was there a modification to increase to .5mfd
or should this really be a .1mfd?

2).  I am in need of a source for a 4.7uh choke which is L12.  This choke
appears to be open (this same value is also found as L18 on the CW jack).
Also, I would like to add a 2.5uh choke across the output connector and need a
source (suggested Electric Radio modification).  A good source would be

Thanks, Larry (KC8JX)

May your days be full of sunshine and good thoughts fill your head.
From: Larry Knapp, KC8JX, St. Joseph, Mi  49085
  Best 73's

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