T-X4B frustration (help?)

Tue Aug 22 22:01:54 EDT 2000


     I picked up the Drake "twins - R-4B, T-4XB + ps and speaker,
at hamfest in Springfield, Illinois.  It looks nice - couple of
tubes put in, and fired her up.  The transmitter is doing strange
things, which I relate to the power supply: using the Drake PS
I already had it works just fine.  Using the PS that came with it,
as it warms up the T-R relay in it closes and the plate current
starts going up.

     I pulled the PS, got into it and found... nothing (out of the
ordinary).  Voltages all seem where they should be, individual
components check out OK.  Some previous work had been done on it,
and I resoldered a couple of connections that looked suspect.
Plugged into the xmtr and into the wall and it all was working
just fine.  Then I put it back in its case and tried it - works
OK.  Then I put it back inside the speaker cabinet, connected
the receiver, turned it on... and it was the same problem.  Once
it warmed up the T-R relay closed and the plate current started
climbing (yes, all switches were in the proper position).  I
disconnected the receiver stuff from it, leaving ony the PS (now
inside the speaker box) and the T-4XB.  turned it on, same problem.

     Any suggestions?  Might try some brogan mainenance on it.....

    73,  Al  N5AIT

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