T-X4B frustration (help?)

Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Tue Aug 22 22:38:27 EDT 2000

>     I picked up the Drake "twins - R-4B, T-4XB + ps and speaker,

  [symptoms snipped]

>     Any suggestions?  Might try some brogan mainenance on it.....

Well, the obvious first thing is to borrow a known good TX4/RX4 and power
supply, and do the plug-and-play trick.

That will isolate the unit that is malfunctioning (or blow up the good one....)

You might also try isolating the filament string and warming it up alone,
to see if there are any glitches there.

Just a WAG -- it sounds like there's something shorted in the circuit
that energizes the TR relay -- if it's a COR, it should be pretty
simple to find on the schematic, locate the usual suspects, etc.
If it looks at TX keying, I'd think to look at the grid and/or screen
voltages and see if you have a shorted capacitor between that and the relay

I bet there's a schematic on BAMA -- or somebody here who can send
you a copy.


P.S. Sometimes "Das Boot" is the best solution.  That's what the last owner

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