T-X4B restored

Allan Stephens modsteph at ACS.EKU.EDU
Mon Aug 28 09:11:18 EDT 2000

Thanks to all who submitted tips, suggestions of things to check, etc.

     I wound up re-wiring the bias circuitry: two new caps, two new
Works fine (got the right electrical and physical sizes put in,
replacing some
earlier fixes which had changed both and led to the problems - finding a

bad solder joint along the way too).  Of course, the excess plate
which happened when it was not supposed to be happening - and I did
not notice at first, having just turned the thing on, managed to fry the

6JB6's in the final enough that they needed replacing too (*sigh*).
like the guy who dropped the sack from the liquor store, heard something

break and muttered "Please let it be the Vermouth!"  Of course, it

     So 2000 has been a busy repair year.  So far fixed HQ-110, NC-155,
R-4B, two T-4XB's (finals in the other one too), Knight 50 Watt
Globe Chief 90A, Viking I, DX-20, NCX-3 (and have found good homes for
so far).  Still on the "projects" pile are NC-98, NC-303, HRO-50,
Ranger II, Valiant I, Invader 2000, TX-1 Apache, SB-10, VF-1, HG-10B,
and a couple I'll probably just pass along to someone else who has more
time and fewer projects, including a Millen 90810 and the Johnson VHF
receiving converter.

     Well, keeps me busy and off the streets at night.  Now I gotta
up the CX newsletter (ten pages so far) and get that out.  And once in a

while get on the air!

     73,  Al  N5AIT

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