Drake stuff FS

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Mon Aug 28 16:57:58 EDT 2000

I have the following FS:

(2) Drake PS-7 supplies. No manual (sorry). Both look good. Both work FB.
$140 shipped EACH. Note: these are not light so shipping is a bit costly,
hence the price.

(1) Drake 7077 desk mic. Looks fair. Works great. Old electrical tape is
around the head of the mic (not done by me). Best offer to include shipping.

(1) SL-300 cw filter. Looks like it has been left out in the weather for a
few years. Corrosion on outside. Would probably (maybe) clean up but sold
as-is and un-checked. Best offer to include shipping.

(1) RV-7 remote vfo. Does not seem to work right. When I enable the remote
vfo function on my TR-7 I get a digital readout display of 50 mhz. Either
the cable to the vfo is bad, the vfo is bad, or my TR-7 is not working
right. Will sell this good looking vfo for $90 shipped with the cable. No

(1) Datong RF Clipper for the TR-7. This is the late 70s unit with the two
rotary switches, not the row of horizonal switches. I do not remember the
model number. Last time it was used was many years ago but it was working
fine then. Good condx. I do not think I have the manual. $70 shipped.

Will sell whole package for ?????

San Diego

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