FT-200 help, please

Thu Feb 3 05:37:59 EST 2000

     A local kid picked up a Yaesu FT-200 somewhere and wants to get
it on the air.  He has just earned his Tech-plus license and was
hoping to get it on for this weekend's CX, but it is not working.  He
heard that I worked on radios and asked me to take a look at it...

     It is a hybrid rig with about a dozen tubes (all check good),
and comes with no papers or book. (does have power supply/speaker

     There is nothing coming from the speaker but very faint hum,
even at full volume.  I have been able to detect a low-level signal
on 80 but it does not get through to the final stages on transmit.
So far nothing heard (xmt) on 40, haven't tried 20-15-10 except
on receive.  B+ is good, but no dip on final (signal not getting
to it).

     I could sure use the book, a schematic, any tips, etc.  It is
in decent physical shape (other than smelling of its smoker previous
owner) and all controls physically seem to be operating just fine.

     I have heard that it is the same as the Tempo One - anyone know
for sure?  Will Tempo One manual/schematic do me as much good as
ones for the FT-200?  Anyone got any I might borrow/beg/copy?


       Al N5AIT
       ... and don't forget that this coming Sunday, 6 Feb, is CX!

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