FS: Radio gear

Brian Carling af4k at EARTHLINK.NET
Sat Feb 12 19:28:39 EST 2000

For sale:

RME-45 receiver. Case needs painting, as there are
some scratches consistent with the age of this
radio (1947) under normal use. Covers 540 kHz to
33 MHz.
Comes with the complete SAMS Photofact including
schematic and all service information. Open
design makes this receiver easy to work on.
This receiver uses loctal tubes and has a
two-speed dial with concentric knobs.
Front panel looks excellent, but rig needs some
minor repair. All parts and original knobs are present.

Will sell for $220.00
= = = = =

Drake DC-3 power supply for use with 3-Line and
4-Line rigs like the TR-4, TR-3 etc. This power
supply runs on 12V DC from a car battery and
will produce all necessary voltages for the radios.
Very good working condition. Comes complete with
all cables, including speaker output connector.
Will sell for $45.00
= = = = =

Waters CO-AX switch, 2-positions, round - with
SO-239 connectors. Coaxial transfer switch model 336.
Includes two mounting brackets, and original knob.
Will sell for $15.00
= = = = =

TVI Filter: B&W Low pass filter type 425.
Uses SO-239 connectors. Very good condition.
Will sell for $15.00
= = = = =

Yaesu Landliner Loudspeaker / phone patch for
FT-101 series transceivers.
Will also work with umerous other rigs.
Includes original connecting cables.
Very good condition. Will sell for $45.00
= = = = =

Military Loudspeaker, type LS-454/U in very
good condition with connecting cable.
Will sell for $15.00
= = = = =

Astatic D-104 microphone, very good condition with
nice chrome PTT stand.
Has the gray base, and cable. Will sell for $42.00
= = = = =

Hallicrafters SX-24 Defiant receiver. Needs some work,
but is an excellent candidate for total restoration
to museum quality. No dings or dents.
Needs s-meter. Original S-meter not present but has
NICE Hallicrafters SX-99 S-meter in place. The set is
missing output transformer (common single ended 6V6 or
7C5 type), but appears to be complete and could be made
to work with minor repair.
Has all original knobs and the front panel shows well.
The cabinet has the cool-looking louvres on the sides,
which match the speaker used with both the SX-24
and SX-28 series.  If you already have the speaker it
will look really great with this radio.
Will sell for $185.00
= = = = =

Hallicrafters SR-160 HF transceiver covers 80-40-20
meters SSB and CW. Beautifully built, heavy duty
station, complete with original PS-150-120
power supply/speaker unit, all in excellent condition.
This complete station also includes hand microphone
and all cables.
Add only your antenna.  Will sell all for $225.00
= = = = =

Hallicrafters S-38 receiver. Some surface rust on
chassis. Front panel looks good. Front panel is
very good. Everything is there, just needs a
little TLC. Will sell for $35.00
= = = = =

Heath HO-10 monitor scope. Later model in two-tone
Heath green gray. Schematic included. Excellent
condition. Will sell for $75.00
= = = = =

Heath HW-101 transceiver. Very good condition. All
original knobs.
Front panel looks great. Cabinet is good too.
A few minor scratches on top, but well above average.
No modifications.  Will sell for $85.00


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