FS: Majestic Model 90 chassis

talen talen at INETPORT.COM
Tue Feb 15 15:49:21 EST 2000

I've decided I'm not going to restore this so I'm offering it for sale. It's a Majestic
Model 90 chassis only (no power supply, speaker, or tubes). The 5 section
tuning capacitor tunes freely, it has the tuning capacitor cover, it has the dial,
all the tube shields, and everything looks untouched underneath when you
remove the bottom cover plate. Uses 5 type 27 tubes and 2 type 45 tubes.

Asking $50 plus shipping.

The Nostalgia Air web site has the schematic..........4 RF stages, Detector,
and the 2 Audio tubes. The RF tubes have individal shield cans and the
chassis is very well shielded.....you don't want any broadcast signal to get in,
other than what came from the previous stage because they are ALL tuned
to roughly the same frequency.

73s  Kees K5BCQ

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