FS: Mint Hammarlund HK-1B Keyer (very rare)

Jan N0JR swanman at CFU.NET
Tue Feb 15 21:02:00 EST 2000

Here is one of the rarest of the rare, a Hammarlund HK-1B automatic
keyer, c.1965, in museum-quality condition.  Never heard of  an HK-1B?
Not surprising! You will have to search long and hard to find any
advertising or other signs of this fine keyer; I have never even found
it in
Hammarlund brochures.

The HK-1B is a full-featured 8-80 wpm transistorized electronic keyer
was well ahead of its time.  It features built-in speaker,
automatic/semi-automatic/manual modes for use with paddle/bug/straight
key, speed/volume/dot-dash ratio/weight controls, and key-click
suppressor.  It is heavy (2.5 lbs) but small (2.5" x 7" x 4.75"). Metal
cabinet is Hammarlund gray.

This one has a mint front panel and near-mint cabinet (only minor
smudges).  Cosmetically, it looks new: even the lettering is still
whole, clean, and white and front speaker grille clean and shiny.
Mechanically, all controls work smoothly and have just been lubed.
Electronically, the keyer works perfectly, and has just been thoroughly
checked by professional technician, and relay contacts polished. One of
the oddities of the HK-1B is that it required 24 volts.  It was to be
powered by an internally-mounted 24v battery.  This one still can be,
but it is now possible also to operate it with an external 24v supply.
I have provided a small (1.25" x 2.25" x 4.5") NEW 24 volt supply for
you to
plug in and go.  It also comes with a new copy of the original manual,
which includes layout photograph and schematic as well as
installation/operation instructions.

Make no mistake, this is a VERY special piece.  Few HK-1B's were made
and they were sold only for a year or two. I've seen just TWO since they
were new, and the other was  in 1967!   Price, shipped, is $175. Please,
SERIOUS inquiries only, price firm, no trades.  Tks es 73!  Jan
"There is no end to what you can accomplish
if you don't care who gets the credit."

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