Heathkit O-12 Lab Scope

Bill Evans bevans at EBSYS.MB.CA
Wed Feb 16 00:34:58 EST 2000

Many, many thanks to all the helpful hands that assisted me
with comments on my grungy O-12 with the missing tube (or
was it tubes?).

Having now had a chance to enact the recommendations, I can
report the following:

    1. The EZ81 was replaced by a tandem of two GE "top hat"
diodes with equalizing resistors.  This appears to have been
done during assembly, as there is no sign that any tube
socket was ever installed for the EZ81.

    2.  The 1V2 was initially installed - but replaced at
some later date by a similar tandem (two legs) of top hats
and equalizing resistors.  I almost feel embarassed that I
had not thought of that possibility when noting the missing
tube, but I had no idea what the tube was - rectifier, sweep

    3.  Best news of all - having satisfied myself that the
unit wasn't missing anything and after clean up and Deoxit
squirts on the controls, I turned it on.  It works!

Never thought that I'd ever own a scope and, while the O-12
isn't great, it will do fine for my general purpose service
work.  Boatanchor test equipment has a place of reverence in
some shacks also.

Again, many thanks to the assemblage.

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