soundnmind soundnmind at RICA.NET
Wed Feb 16 10:25:28 EST 2000

Hi Fellow AM'rs
This Tx I'm not going to restore. So I'm offering it to one of you. Apache'
TX-1 in pretty good shape, panel will clean nice. Powers up & puts out
100watts on 80m. & modulator works. All good tubes have put in. But needs
caps, audio refurbed, drive belt (copper belt??) replaces or repaired that
drives PA tune, & I didnt try all bands. Something flaky on upper bands. But
it is filthy & needs a bath including all switches (incl bandswitch).
SELLING AS IS $100. Cab could stand painting but not rusted. Chassis will
clean up well. Oh, yes the drive pot is intermittant. But with TLC this
could be a very nice rig.
At 108 lbs I will not ship so this transaction will be local pu or deliver
in Virginia.
Any questions feel free to ask. Also will take a trade (see my last post on
the Valiant)
Warm regards
Patty & Dee's Marina  534 W. Main St.
Waynesboro, Va. 22980
(540)249-3161 Cell: (540)471-7023

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