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Mike D. hrg at MEGSINET.NET
Tue Feb 22 14:40:33 EST 2000

> If anyone knows any company  or individual that repairs meters,
> Please E-mail
> . I have great working Precision 650 but, the meter quit.!

I dug up the post below to boatanchors at qth.net.

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>Can anyone direct me to a person/company that repairs panel meters?
> In particular, the s-meter form my HRO-50 needs work.
>Any leads appreciated.

Greetings, David.  I've had good luck with:

Standard Meter Lab, Inc.
236 Rickenbacker Circle
Livermore, CA 94550
Phone: 510-449-0220

They did a good job on my AR-88 S meter and on my Simpson 260.



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