DX-100 tips

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Tue Feb 22 19:19:03 EST 2000

Fellow Followers of Hollowstate,
>     I picked up a Heathkit DX-100 locally. I will be taking the cabinet in
> to R.W. Little on Pacific Coast Hwy for a sandblasting, priming, and
> coating. Last cabinet I took to him was a 75A4 cabinet and it cost abt $50
> tax. Not bad!! I will need to do some minor restoration on the xmtr. The
> front panel as-is looks pretty good. No gauges, major scratches, holes,
> dents, rust, etc. Should clean up really sharp!! The underside of the
> chassis LOOKS NEW but the top is layered with 15 years of dust, dirt, and
> grime from sitting in an outdoor shed. Thank God it was in San Diego and
> Buffalo, hi.
> Questions: Are there any mods that I should know about? I will be going
> the online ER index but it is quite extensive and will take some time. I
> heard that stock the audio is outstanding and a solid 100 watts of plate
> modulated carrier.
> So if there are any mods that are known I would like to hear abt them. I
> also need to find a manual. Guess I will have to order one from W7FG or
> Hi-Manuals.
> Last night on the west coast AMI net on 3870 khz at 0500Z I heard a Boise,
> Idaho station check in with one and listening on a HQ-180A. He sounded
> marvelous with the D-104 he was using.
> Anyway, the search is over. I have decided to run with the DX-100 and that
> will be my mainstay BA xmtr for now. Any mod info greatly appreciated. Oh
> BTW the same fella sold me a maritime commercial amplifier running a pair
> 3-500Z. Six channels that cover 2-30mhz. That will be the 'shoes' for the
> DX-100.
> 73s and have a good day.
> Lane
> Ku7i
> San Diego (AMI number on the way, hi)

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