FS: Museum-Quality Collins 75S-1

Jan N0JR swanman at CFU.NET
Tue Feb 22 22:26:15 EST 2000

Have just been asked by the family of a long-time collector friend to
help sell a beautiful, collector-quality++ Collins 75S-1.  This is the
one that started it all, the first, winged-emblem, 75S-line receiver.
are the particulars--

1)      2.1 SSB filter.  Also slot for .5 CW filter, which is readily
available on the used market might even sill be available new from
Surplus Sales of Nebraska. Also receives AM (4khz).

2)      80-10m, with two xtal slots for extra band coverage.

3)      Original manual in excellent condition.

4)      Used only as a stand-alone receiver for SSB, not as part of
owner's everyday rig.  Kept covered most of its life and looks it.

5)      Owner a long-time Cedar Rapids, Iowa ham and radio technician.
Later in life a serious collector. Years ago owned an electronics shop,
worked for Turner (the mic company in CR), and when he retired taught
electronics at Community College in Cedar Rapids, which for years has
trained Collins techs.  Knew how to care for radios and treated this one
as a favored child.

6)      Cosmetically in beautiful original condition (no mods.) and
even has the red locktite still on solder joints. Collins-scale
EXCELLENT++, at least a 9.5.  Knobs excellent. All lettering clean,
white, and unbroken.  VFO and Meter clean and bright.  Front panel
flawless, as is cabinet; not a mark to speak of anywhere.

6)      Electronically in perfect operating condition.  Plug it in and go.

This is truly a near-mint radio--as close as you'll find anywhere on the
used market.  Price I have worked out with the family, which I think is
fair to everyone (and less than most 75S-1's have sold for in the past 6
months on ebay and elsewhere), is $435 + shipping/insurance, firm, sorry
no trades.  If you wonder about me, the seller, please check my ebay
feedback, which speaks for itself--click here:


Tks es vy 73!  Jan N0JR
"There is no end to what you can accomplish
if you don't care who gets the credit."

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