New Screen Saver under development....

Dave Kelley ai7r at PRESENCEKNOWN.COM
Fri Feb 25 10:57:33 EST 2000


It's been a few months since the flurry of screen savers came out.  To this
day I get comments from people who are enjoying them.  That's a good feeling
I'll tell ya'.

Anyhow, my web business is slowing down some (that's a good thing) and this
will give me more time for radios and...another screen saver or two.  I
actually get a lot of enjoyment out of building these things too.

But, as before, I need the images of your shacks.  I've had some folks sent
me CDs full of great views (tnx K8XU) and some of those will certainly make
it into a new one, but...more is better.

If I get enough images I can break it up into themes.  Maybe a Heath one
like I've done for the Collins group.  Maybe one with REAL shacks in them.
(coffee mugs, paper, stacks of magazines, wire everywhere, soldering iron
burns on the bench, etc. - grin)  Of course, there isn't anything wrong with
a clean shack.  Actually, some said the views of the clean shacks got them
off their keesters and they did some much needed cleaning.  I know I did.
There are also some other themes we could try.  In the BA saver some people
sent shots of the various parts of a radio they were restoring and then a
shot of the finished product.  These turned out great.  Others gave me some
shots of the inside and outside and they made a nice mosaic of the radio.
And some others just gave me a few very clean and close-up shots of the
insides...coils, tubes, cages, etc.  There are ways to use many of these.

So, get out the camera, or the scrap book, or borrow a camera, and lets see
if we can top the last three with a few really neat ones.  As before, if you
need something scanned send it along and I'll digitize it and send the
original back.  And, the bigger the original digital image the better.  If
you have various quality setting on your camera, use the highest one.  I'll
bet that after Christmas there are a few more digital cameras out there now.

Once these new savers are created, I'll also make all of the images
available on a web site so anyone who wants specific ones can go get
them...or just browse through them.  I'll also include all images I've been
given for past savers.  As long as no one uses the images for commercial
use....this is a fun project and not for profit.  Of course, the images must
be yours to provide.  I can't take images scanned from other publications or
grabbed from web sites without their permission.  Copyrights apply on free
stuff too.

If you want your name and call on the image let me know in the email and
I'll do a nice clean job of it for you.  If it's an old photo include the

So, I'll start collecting...and you start sending.  It would be nice to
start it in a couple weeks.  So, don't drag you feet.

And...for those who have no clue what I'm talking about, here are the links
for the screen savers from 1999.  Windows only...sorry.


Dave Kelley, Webmaster

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