Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Fri Feb 25 04:17:55 EST 2000

Today I bought an HQ-145 locally with the matching S-200 spkr. it is from the same fella who had the SP-200 (trashed, no cabinet, front panel has extra holes, etc..). The 145 rcvs fine 10mhz and below but above 10 mhz it is dead in the water. This is an interesting problem since above 10mhz it is double conversion vice single. So I will be doing some troubleshoointg to find out what is going on. So for now the combination here for AM is going to be the DX-100/HQ-145. It sounds great listening to Sinatra on KPOP AM1360. Hope to hear some of you on tonight on either 75 or 160 AM. BTW I hooked up the two band W2IHY EQ to the TS-850 and it made a big improvement. This will be the rig until the DX-100 overhaul is complete. Tks to all of you who have responded with great comments abt the hq-170, dx-100, and nc-300/303 posts I have had over the last week or so.


San Diego
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