[Hallicrafters] re: Problem with my Hallicrafters SX-43

David Harmon dwharmon at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sat Feb 26 18:59:37 EST 2000

Larry...you probably have a defective tube.
As the tube warms up, the ac powered filament
gets closer and closer to another tube element
causing hum. Following the schematic, start
pulling out and putting back the tubes one
at a time starting from the audio output stages.
The hum will go away every time you pull out a
good tube. When the hum goes away, the bad
tube will be the one you pulled out just previously.
                Dave K6XYZ

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Subject: [Hallicrafters] re: Problem with my Hallicrafters SX-43

I recently purchased a SX-43 that has the following prolem:
The reception seems pretty good, but it has a significant audio hum after it
warms up.

I cycles from a no-hum to moderate hum over and over.  When it is cold, it
seems to work just fine.
Since I do not know how to repair a boatacnchor, I was hoping that someone
might be able to point me
in the right direction.  For example, a weak tube, etc.

Thanks for your time.


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