HQ-180 Alignment Problem

Dave Franklin dfranklyn at MINDSPRING.COM
Sun Feb 27 20:39:54 EST 2000


I am having a problem aligning my HQ-180. The IF alignment worked OK. On
the RF Alignment, bands 1 & 2 tuned up with no problem. On the rest of the
bands the low end adjustment tuned up OK but the high end setting will not
align to the high end of the dial.  The oscillator frequency will not go
high enough with the adjustment capacitors at the end of their range.  It
is about 500 kHz low.

The only thing common to the problem bands is the bandspread.  The
bandspread capacitor seems to be in good condition (plates OK, connections

I have changed the tubes and checked the resistors.  The voltages on the
6C4  oscillator tube are:

        Should be       Measured

Plate   130 V           149 V
Cathode  0               0
Grid   -6.0              0

Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Dave Franklin
Cornelius, NC

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