SWan 1500Z, needs work, no tubes $190

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Mon Jan 3 08:37:46 EST 2000

For Sale: Swan1500Z 80 to 10 meter amp. Before the crash, it was putting out
700 watts on all bands using the tubes from another amp (pair 572Bs).
Something opened up or shorted inside which caused the plate current meter
to bend and stick in the full scale position. The PS is very heavy duty.
This amp is the PERFECT
candidate for a single 3cx800 conversion. Lots of room to add 160 too. Have
copy of manual which states that the PS will provide up to 1 amp at 2000
volts. Cosmetics are an 8/10. Inside is super clean.

 Sell as-is needing tubes and repair/replacement of the multifunction meter
and whatever caused the flashover/crash. This amp is very repairable but I
have more than enough projects to last me to Y3K.

 $190 + UPS charges on 45 pounds from San Diego 92139.



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