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Mon Jan 3 11:01:43 EST 2000

Hello Local Fellow AM'rs
Yes, I have this KLM 34XA beam, broken down to point that it stores on hooks on wall of my shed. Has been the greatest beam I have ever used bar none. Only antenna that has come close is a quad I tried yrs ago. It came down with ice!!
Reason its down & will never "fly" again here, I lost the use of a field that my tower occupied for 9 yrs (new house there now). There is no way this monster (30') will fit in my back yard. (lots of tears!!). So this is the deal. I will trade for the "makings" for a quad. I only want to cover 15m & 10m. so that will fit my circumstances. Or I will sell outright for some reasonable price. I have the paper work, its in near to "fly" condition, & KLM still supports this ant @ reasonable prices. 
Strictly local deal in or around Virginia. 
Any interest?
Dee, W4PNT
Patty & Dee's Marina  Collectors of electronic boatanchors 534 W. Main St. 
Waynesboro, Va. 22980
(540)249-3161 fax (540)249-5064
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