FS: Handsets with PTT button . . .

Mon Jan 3 23:31:34 EST 2000

Hello all,

A while back I posted for sale some nifty telephone handsets with
a push-to-talk button in the handset center where your hand holds
it.  They are made by Walker Equipment company, and are currently
sold for around $40 new.

A HUGE number of folks wrote to say they wanted one for $10 including
shipping to any US destination.  I put one aside for each respondent.
I turned down others who wanted one, but they were all spoken for!

Sadly, only TWO actually ever sent any money for one!!  The other
25 or so must have changed their minds but not thought to tell me :-(


For Sale Again:  Quantity of Walker telephone handsets new in their
original boxes.  Each is a standard 600-ohm telephone handset with the
exception of having a PTT button in series with the LO-Z mic element, and
the earphone element is wired straight through.  The connector is a standard
mini-modular and takes any standard 4-wire coily cord for phones.  Intended
as a PTT telephone handset interface to radios and paging systems.

Originally (and still) $40 (I checked at a local outlet to see if they are
still sold),
I am offering them for $10 SHIPPED to any US destination.  I have about 30
left, and I'd like to sell them all.  Offers on quantity would be great!

Jpeg photo on request, but PLEASE PLEASE if you say you want one, then
follow through and mail the funds, ok? :-)  Thank you.

Take care all, and Happy Non-2-K!


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