Screen Savers Website - Tempe

Wed Jan 5 10:42:34 EST 2000

Hi George,

It's probably time to post the screen saver information again for those who
are new to the list, and those who were just plain busy during the holidays.

Collins #1 -

Collins #2 -

General BA #1 -

These seem pretty popular.  Each was downloaded just under 1,000 times.

Anyhow, to download just click above and your browser will ask if you want
to save or open the file.  You might want to save so you can install it
again later if needed.  Or, especially if you have a fast connection to the
net, click on open and it will install right off the net saving you a little
disk space.  Don't be fooled by how fast it actually installs once it's
downloaded.  Several people thought it failed because it was almost
instantaneous.  To view and change some of the features of the saver do a
right click on your desk top and select Properties...the rest is easy to
find from there.

If, once you've installed it, it runs for a short time and then seems to
hang up, it means the install failed.  Every time this has happened (not
many) a simple redownload has solved the problem.  It seems to be a 100%
trouble free screen saver program.

73 all, and enjoy!


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