500 kc shipboard CW transmitter for sale

Jeffrey Herman jeffreyh at HAWAII.EDU
Wed Jan 5 01:14:49 EST 2000

I'd like to offer the following transmitter for sale:

Transmitter tag reads:

"ITT Mackey Marine Reserve Transmitter Type 2017A
405-535 kHz, 40W output, A2 emission"

Almost new condition except for some scratches on the top of
the chassis (probably from rack mounting).

Crystal-controlled with the following frequencies:
425, 454, 468, 480, 500 kHz (all in A2!)

Front panel: Antenna tuning controls (course and fine), 0-5 amp
antenna current meter, channel selector.

$295 + shipping from Minden Nevada 89423 (should be $30).

Also have a Radio Shack DX-160 desktop shortwave receiver from the
mid-70s: $70 + shipping.

73, Jeff KH6O/6

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