FS: TR-4

Will White kd7bfx at MINDSPRING.COM
Fri Jan 7 22:47:00 EST 2000

I have for sale a TR-4, SN 16xxx. Sensitive and good-sounding on all
bands; Output unknown since demonstrated to me by the previous owner
4/97, was 170W on 38xx into Cantenna at that time. Cosmetics: faceplate
nice, no scracthing or rubbing. Knobs correct, complete, and good. Meter
and dial same (the blue is now a pale green). Case has minor scracthes
and scuffs around edges. Chassis has average amount of corrosion. I have
done nothing to or with this radio except replace tubes (save the
finals) since I purchased it. Rig has sat on my closet shelf for most of
its time with me. $200 *SHIPPED & INSURED.*


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