info needed: Collins 310A-1 exciter

Sam Timberlake KF4TXQ stimber at LAKEMARTIN.NET
Sat Jan 8 18:33:41 EST 2000

Manual copy or info needed: Collins 310A-1 exciter

This Collins 310A-1 exciter is identical in appearance
to the 310A- exciters used with the 30K-1 transmitters.
This 310A-1 has its own power supply built in.
Most 30K-1 manuals contain information on the 310A with
no built in power supply, which "borrowed" voltage from
the 30K-1 power supply. They also contain the sidetone
amplifier which this 310A-1 does not have.

I need any documentation on this elusive relic. It's
the perfect exciter for a homebrew 80-10 M transmitter
as it bandswitches all the way to the RF output. No
plug-in coils are required. All the RF deck tuning is
ganged to the PTO shaft. It's a "no-tune" exciter.

Any help would be most welcome, and I would be most
happy to pay for copies.

tnx es 73s,

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