Lakeshore Lives On !

Sat Jan 8 23:19:08 EST 2000

Greetings Fellow Anchorites !
    Been a great holiday season here so far !  Finished up my 3-1000Z linear
on Xmas eve in time to wrap presents for the kids, and got my Phasemaster ll
B on the air on New Years day ! Too late for the BA get together, but a great
feeling anyway.
    Although operational, I believe I need to touch up some adjustments, and
need the manual before I start tweaking indiscriminately ( "poke & hope"
won't cut it ). I can't find one on the lists of the normal manual sources,
and hope that someone has one tucked away in their archives.
    I'd be eternally grateful for the opportunity to buy a copy or better
yet, an original manual for this wonderful anchor !  I'd also be thrilled to
hear from anyone fortunate enough to be acquainted with this lakeshore gear !
    Best wishes,

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