info needed: Collins 310A-1 exciter

Bob Peters soundimp at POBOX.COM
Sat Jan 8 20:52:34 EST 2000

Sam  you  are  actually  looking  for  the
310A3...  It  was  the  model  that  you  are  describing  .
The  310A2  had  no  power  supply  and  took  voltage  from  the  30K  but
  the  310a3  did  also  take  power  from  the  30K  but  was  the  only
one  with  side tone,  taken  from  the  Pocket Guide   page  10 and 11...

73's  Bob  K1JNN/5

At 05:33 PM 1/8/00 , Sam Timberlake KF4TXQ wrote:
>Manual copy or info needed: Collins 310A-1 exciter
>This Collins 310A-1 exciter is identical in appearance
>to the 310A- exciters used with the 30K-1 transmitters.
>This 310A-1 has its own power supply built in.
>Most 30K-1 manuals contain information on the 310A with
>no built in power supply, which "borrowed" voltage from
>the 30K-1 power supply. They also contain the sidetone
>amplifier which this 310A-1 does not have.
>I need any documentation on this elusive relic. It's
>the perfect exciter for a homebrew 80-10 M transmitter
>as it bandswitches all the way to the RF output. No
>plug-in coils are required. All the RF deck tuning is
>ganged to the PTO shaft. It's a "no-tune" exciter.
>Any help would be most welcome, and I would be most
>happy to pay for copies.
>tnx es 73s,

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