Bruce Sugarberg bsugarberg at STRATOS.NET
Tue Jan 18 20:59:20 EST 2000

Hi Kees,

The date would be 1929-1930, and it was a
console radio.  The schematic would be in
Riders.  You might check your local library
to see if they have a set of Riders.

Good luck,

Bruce Sugarberg, WA8TNC
talen wrote:
> Among the 520 pounds of "good stuff" which followed me home from the
> scrap yard today is a "Majestic" Model 90 Electric Radio Receiver made
> by Grigsby-Grunow Company. Does anyone happen to have a schematic
> or know how old it is ? It's the complete chassis, tubes, and dial, and no
> cabinet which I suspect was wooden.
> Thanks,
> Kees K5BCQ

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