BobR brainbol at LAWRENCE.KS.US
Tue Jan 18 21:54:26 EST 2000

That's a 1929 model. Actually depends on cabinetry
of which model it is. Chassis is a model 90 and
when installed into a floor console becomes a
model 92, or into "library" (legs) console for
model 91. Matching power supply would be either
the 9P6 or 9P3, electrodynamic speaker is model
G-2. Tube lineup is: four 27s in rf amps; 27
detector, push-pull 45s for audio, and an 80 in
the power supply.
Schematic is in "Most-Often-Needed Radio
Diagrams". I scanned the page and put at:
If it doesn't print out adequately let me know and
I can send you a copy.
This is the only radio the XYL ever drug home for
me. I did electric restoration, she did the
cabinet. Looks pretty sitting in the parlor. Yep,
plays too.
Good luck.

talen wrote:
> Among the 520 pounds of "good stuff" which followed me home from the
> scrap yard today is a "Majestic" Model 90 Electric Radio Receiver made
> by Grigsby-Grunow Company. Does anyone happen to have a schematic
> or know how old it is ? It's the complete chassis, tubes, and dial, and no
> cabinet which I suspect was wooden.
> Thanks,
> Kees K5BCQ

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