FS: R105A/ARR-15 (Collins 51H-3) Receiver

Bill Weinel billw at INTERPATH.COM
Mon Jan 31 12:34:34 EST 2000

The R105A is the military version of the Collins 51H-3. This was the first
remotely-tuned receiver made by Collins. 1.5Mhz-18.5Mhz frequency coverage
in 6 bands. The mechanical autotune can be preset to the 10 most used
frequencies. The extremely stable receiver uses a variable inductance tuner.
The PTOs used in the ARR-15 are the 70E-2 (2-3 MC main HF oscillator) and
the 70E-3 (450-550 KC variable BFO). Is in good operating condition
(mechanical and electrical.) Comes with home built AC supply (supply needs
minor repair) and copy of the original maintenance manual. $300.00
I have Jpgs available for serious inquiries.

73 de bill, w4whw
bweinel at hotmail.com

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