Hammarlund SP600 for SSB[via LSMTP - see www.lsoft.com]

charles w. morehouse cwmorehouse at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Sat Jul 8 09:02:48 EDT 2000

Check with Electric Radio. They have a PD-1 SSB adapter for the R390 and
51J series. Thinking of getting one for my R-390A. Maybe it will work
with your radio. $130. Email them:er at frontier.net. Luck and 73.

Gene Holcombe wrote:
> What a radio!!  Without a product detector, I am dead in the water for
> listening to SSB.  Would love to have a Hammarlund HC 10 to get the SSB, but
> price is out of my reach ($400).  What units would be available to help with
> SSB beside the one I mentioned?  Would think there is something out there at
> a reasonable cost that could accomplish my need.  Anyone out there who can
> help me?
> Gene  N5ZDF

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