FS:'Gibson Girl' BC-778 Rescue Transmitter [via LSMTP - see www.lsoft.com]

Michael Crestohl mc at SOVER.NET
Tue Jul 11 21:02:12 EDT 2000

Hi Gang:

Here's yet another treasure that I'll probably never have time to play
with,  so.....

It is a WW-II vintage rescue transmitter/beacon - the famous 'Gibson Girl'
lifeboat radio.  This one unfortunately suffered some water damage in
someone's basement and is electrically challenged.  However it is pretty
much complete (except for the crank and the wire antenna) and would make a
nice static display item or even for parts.  I can send a picture by e-mail
to anyone interested in adopting it.  Anyways it is up for grabs and I'll
let it go for $40.00 plus UPS.

If interested please reply by e-mail.


Michael Crestohl, W1RC
mc at sover.net

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