FS: Gonset GSB-100 parts rig (VERY restorable)

Wed Jul 19 03:16:20 EDT 2000

For sale:

Very nice Gonset GSB-100 parts rig.  Faceplate and tuning drum
are excellent (needs restringing).  meter and all knobs are there and
excellent.  Has MOST (but not all) of the tubes in it.  It has the
BOTTOM to the case but not the top :-(

It's actually fully restorable and I'd highly encourage that.  That's
exactly why I haven't stripped it down.  SOME ONE out there
will want this intact to restore.  It's biggest problem is the standard
GSB-100 problem almost everyone who has one encounters -
the power transformer is toast.  In this one, it's donwright gone.
Some one has hacked some wiring it would appear to be for an
external supply of some sort, but other than that it is unhacked and
actually in very nice shape (considering the mentioned flaws of

Price?  Well, nice ones go for $250-ish.  I know cuz I have a
nice one and I paid $250 for it.  I believe this one is worth half
that, $125.  Now PLEASE don't shoot me - I am asking that
because I don't want to see this GSB-100 stripped out and sold
for parts.  The meter, faceplate, logo-bezel, and drum would
easily bring that much total, but the rest would end up in the
s*** can.  So I figure that at $125 someone will make an effort
to bring it back to life.

I will even include a copy of the manual.

Shipping via US Mail is EXTRA.  Prepaid via US Postal Money

Thanks, and sorry if I've offended anyone.  Email me privately
if you want to 'straighten me out'.

Take care all,


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