FS: Really rough Tempo-One

Wed Jul 19 03:01:35 EDT 2000

Hello again,

I have for sale a REALLY ROUGH but I would say restorable
Henry Radio Tempo One.  The face is in very good shape, with
all the knobs, dial, meter, etc. all in place.  No scratches or
gouges in it at all.  Everything turns.  It has the case, but it's missing
the bottom plate and feet.  NO TUBES in it, but it doesn't appear
to have been hacked into at all.  The chassis is dirty but cleanable.
Underside is excellent overall.

I bought this thing with plans to gut it for all but the LMO and build
a homebrew 30-meter transmitter-receiver out of it, but as we all
know about such projects - it just AIN'T gonna happen.

Price is EXACTLY what I paid - $35 plus shipping via US Mail.
Prepaid via US Postal Money order.



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