Chuck Groome w6chr at NETO.COM
Wed Jul 26 11:07:17 EDT 2000

i have for sale the following values of resistors.All resistors are new and 1/4 watt .05 each min quanity 10 of the same value.send self addressed envelope and quanity and values to Tena Groome 
rt1 box 299 Caviness, Tx. 75460
1.5 ohm    10 ohm   20 ohm   100 ohm   200 ohm  240 ohm   270 ohm   300 ohm   330 ohm   470 ohm   560 ohm   1.0 k ohm   1.5k ohm   1.8k ohm   2.7k ohm   3.3k ohm   3.6k ohm   3.9k ohm   4.7k ohm   5.6k ohm   6.2k ohm   6.8k ohm   9.1k ohm   10.0k ohm   13k ohm   20k ohm   22k ohm   27k ohm   33k ohm   47k ohm   68k ohm   75k ohm   120k ohm   150k ohm   200k ohm   220k ohm  270k ohm   330k ohm   470k ohm   680k ohm   510k ohm   1.0 meg   2.2 meg   3.3 meg..thanks    chuck groome   

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