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Subject: Items for Sale or Trade

> The SCSC Museum Inc. Is retiring, for sale or trade, items that do not
> immediately fit into the layout plan for Fiscal Year2000.
> Proceeds from these sales or trade will benefit additional items to be
> secured in the following year.
> As trading is a preferred practice by most museum officials, I have not
> the price on these items. They can be purchased however and if interested
> please contact me and we will negotiate. Please do not do an "E-Bay" on
> me...and I promise you I will not do an "E-Bay" on you!!
> The items are as follows:
> 1. T47/ART-13. Very Nice Cndx. Missing the RF Ammeter only. Original
> unmodified Cndx.
> 2. USN ATC-1 (similar to ART-13). Original Cndx. No Mods. Complete.
> 2A. Antenna Switch Box SA-22/ART 13. NOS!
> 3.BRAND NEW HRO Dial w/gearbox and ceramic couplers. All NEW!!
> 4. Tuning Units. For BC-191/375. Brand New (Old Stock) TU-5B and TU-26B.
> Nice!!
> 5. Wireless Set No46. WW11 British HF Walkie Talkie. GUD CNDX!! No Tubes
> Plug-In Coils. Excellent!!
> 6. BRAND NEW (NOS) RL-42B In Box w/ Reel etc. Aircraft Antenna Motorized
> 7. New Boxed "Sling-Multiple Leg" These are the slings fer the AN/PRC-6's
> have 15!! Will take offer on all 15.
> 8. BAG, ACCESSORY  -10028A for USN TBX-* Hand Generator.
> 9. Open to easy trade or sale on a USN RAS-5 Receiver c/w all ORIGINAL
> COILS, Rack, COIL BOX, Speaker and PSU. Serail Numbers match!!!
> Folks, I'm easy to deal with. I Like E-Bay..but want to do my part to keep
> this as a sensibly priced hobby...if we don't...we ain't gonna have this
> a hobby!
> Thanks for your time....Tony Grogan

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