Smoke Smell

Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Tue Jun 6 07:42:32 EDT 2000

>After a  thorough bath and cleaning,  the radio still has slight smoke
>smell remaining.  Would be interested in your favorite "cures".  Thanks,
>Joe K7MKS

Fabric softener sheets.

If you have a really bad smoke odor, put the sheet inside the rig, and put
the rig in a plastic bag.

I had an old tune-up scope that sat in my dad's cigar-smoke-filled garage
for most of a decade, and putting a sheet of Snuggle ON TOP of it -- I am
not making this up, and I _am_ telling the truth -- just the sheet being
near the unit was enough to deodorize it in a couple of days.

Give it a try.

I dod not believe it either.  At first.


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