FW: [Pattern] Fw: NEW LIST SUPPORT - NSRCA Board action item

David Harmon dwharmon at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Jun 12 23:52:24 EDT 2000

Trouble in Paradise....the easterners are suddenly
perhaps not so sunnenly involved in a lot of infighting.
Does not look good for NSRCA.

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At 08:19 AM 06/12/2000 -0500, Ronald Van Putte wrote:

>Most of you don't know it , but Eric Henderson has also decided that I
>am a "problematic, whining, malcontent" too, so he has "selected" Tom
>Weedon to be his running mate in the upcoming NSRCA election.  Of

Don't tell me you're surprised at this Ron?  It's been all to obvious that
anyone who disagrees with Eric is a subversive element.  He seems totally
unable to respect a differing point of view.  You only have to look at
recent posts to see how divisive he is.  It seems that the more people he
can alienate the happier he is.  Far from promoting pattern, his diatribes
simply cause a fracturing and polarization of the membership.

You will have my vote BTW.


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