FW: [Pattern] Fw: NEW LIST SUPPORT - NSRCA Board action item

Pete Wokoun petesr at JUNO.COM
Tue Jun 13 01:51:21 EDT 2000

So what the hell is NSRCA?????????

On Mon, 12 Jun 2000 20:52:24 -0700 David Harmon <dwharmon at IX.NETCOM.COM>
>Trouble in Paradise....the easterners are suddenly
>perhaps not so sunnenly involved in a lot of infighting.
>Does not look good for NSRCA.
>        Dave
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>At 08:19 AM 06/12/2000 -0500, Ronald Van Putte wrote:
>>Most of you don't know it , but Eric Henderson has also decided that
>>am a "problematic, whining, malcontent" too, so he has "selected" Tom
>>Weedon to be his running mate in the upcoming NSRCA election.  Of
>Don't tell me you're surprised at this Ron?  It's been all to obvious
>anyone who disagrees with Eric is a subversive element.  He seems
>unable to respect a differing point of view.  You only have to look at
>recent posts to see how divisive he is.  It seems that the more people
>can alienate the happier he is.  Far from promoting pattern, his
>simply cause a fracturing and polarization of the membership.
>You will have my vote BTW.
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