Email Server Problems - Tempe list admin[via LSMTP - see]

Dave Kelley ai7r at PRESENCEKNOWN.COM
Wed Jun 28 00:56:43 EDT 2000

Greetings gang...

Well, it's been exciting around Tempe since the hard drive took the big dive
in the email server that the list server uses.

In the mean time, we lost some messages that should have gone out.  Only
those posted in the last few hours of the 27th have made it.  Others can be
found in the archives at since they post there even
if the email doesn't go out.

As you may also notice an ad in the subject line...we are testing a new
package and they advertise their product in that line until we buy a real
copy.  This may be a temporary fix until our normal server is fixed.  It
does seem to deliver the mail faster so we'll see if we can afford an
upgrade at this time.

In any event, I wanted to let you all know that we are doing everything we
can be resolve the problem and also make backup systems available so we can
stay on line even if (okay, when) one of our systems has a bad hair day in
the future.


Dave Kelley, Webmaster
City of Tempe

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