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Jeffrey Herman jeffreyh at HAWAII.EDU
Wed Mar 1 20:05:21 EST 2000

On Wed, 1 Mar 2000, Warren D. Anderson wrote:
> Neil's tally of eBay prices ( shows 12

Since when has eBay become the "blue book" of BA prices? Many
in the amateur community detest the idea of pitting ham against
ham (which is what these auctions do) in selling a piece of gear
and thus, refuse to shop there. Hence, the range of prices you see
for a piece of gear does not in fact reflect its value. Heck,
someone once GAVE me an SX-24 -- does that mean the range of
prices for one should go down as low as $0?

I suggest that if you want to flame someone, you do so outside
of my mailbox; I didn't subscribe to this list to read personal
attacks upon someone's character.

72.5, Jeff KH6O

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