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Warren D. Anderson wdaorcda at USINTERNET.COM
Wed Mar 1 21:13:28 EST 2000

John Ellingson wrote:
> Gee Brian, that seems like a lot for reproductions of manuals.  At
> grocery store near my home they charge 5 cents a page.
> John

Brian used to be one of the guys that constantly griped about the
prices being asked.  Now, he's become a picayune dealer selling at
prices more outrageous than those he was complaining about.  Just
to add to the duplicity, he uses aliases when he attempts to sell
through the BA newsgroup.

Brian has been attempting to sell this little gem for awhile:

"Hallicrafters SX-24 Defiant receiver. Needs some work,
 but is an excellent candidate for total restoration to
 museum quality. No dings or dents. Needs s-meter.
 Original S-meter not present but has NICE
 Hallicrafters SX-99 S-meter in place. The set has a
 missing output transformer (common single ended 6V6 type),
 but appears to be complete and could be made to work
 with minor repair.  Has all original knobs and the
 front panel shows well. The cabinet has the
 cool-looking louvres on the sides, which match
 the speaker used with both the SX-24 and SX-28 series.
 If you already have the speaker it will look really
 great with this radio.  Will sell for $175.00"

Neil's tally of eBay prices ( shows 12
SX-24s sold for an average of $121 with a low of $46 and a high
of $209.  Brian's got a lot of hyperbole in his description
of the receiver and he's essentially trying to make a Yugo or
a Trabant into something worthwhile for someone that has just
acquired an interest in old radios.  Put more bluntly, he's
preying on the newbies.

Best regards,


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