Prices and the free market (again?!)

Dexter Francis cwest at XMISSION.COM
Wed Mar 1 23:07:05 EST 2000

Gentlemen -

Let's not pry the lid of this auction thing again, please.

There are many buyers and sellers in many markets, each has it's own
unique set of advantages and disadvantages.  The fair market value of an
item is what a buyer and seller can agree to on any single day in any
single market.

I sell on a web site and on eBay and at ham fests.  I don't ask or get
the same price in all three places.
This should be no mystery or problem for anyone who considers all the
factors. (Costs of doing business in different markets.   Some of you
should not use eBay, others will find it a very convenient and
worthwhile experience, both buyers and sellers.

nuff said?


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