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Warren D. Anderson wdaorcda at USINTERNET.COM
Wed Mar 1 23:54:57 EST 2000

Jeffrey Herman wrote:
> On Wed, 1 Mar 2000, Warren D. Anderson wrote:
> > Neil's tally of eBay prices ( shows 12
> Since when has eBay become the "blue book" of BA prices? Many
> in the amateur community detest the idea of pitting ham against
> ham (which is what these auctions do) in selling a piece of gear
> and thus, refuse to shop there. Hence, the range of prices you see
> for a piece of gear does not in fact reflect its value. Heck,
> someone once GAVE me an SX-24 -- does that mean the range of
> prices for one should go down as low as $0?

Everybody is quite aware of the high selling prices on eBay which
is why I chose to use those prices to illustrate how ludicrous the
seller's asking price is.  Assuming the transactions are honored,
the auction price represents the most a person is willing to admit
to in public.  Private deals are just that; nobody knows the selling
price and there is no national price influence.  FWIW, I have never
had a winning bid for a working radio on eBay.  I've picked up three
that were guaranteed DOA and that's exactly what they were.

Citing a freebie is hardly germane; there are lots of no-bids on
eBay and there are many more "not interesteds" on the private side.
I have never been comfortable with taking free radios.  I prefer to
trot out Osterman's latest book and show his estimation and then tack
on some more for market inflation.  Its called integrity.

> I didn't subscribe to this list to read personal
> attacks upon someone's character.

Except for "preying on newbies," which is an opinion, I believe the
rest of what I said is factual.  If the seller believed in his prices,
he has the ability to put pictures on eBay and find out what the
market value really is.

> 72.5, Jeff KH6O  ^^^^
  I am cut to the absolute quick,


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