Morrow AM Radio - need info please!

Hue Miller kargokult at PROAXIS.COM
Sat Mar 4 04:57:29 EST 2000

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From: Michael Crestohl <mc at SOVER.NET>
|I recently acquired a cute little Morrow AM radio.

--I wonder if you mean the Morrow Conelrad
Monitor. I didn't know they had produced any
entertainment type radios, altho i am steadily
learning more about Morrow.
(Now known as "IIMorrow" as in "2-morrow" )

|  However I
|need to know what tube goes into the 7-pin socket that is located right
|above the power cord entrance hole on the rear chassis apron or to describe

--IF we are talking about the same radio, the
socket between the 6AQ5 and the rear wall is-
unwired! At least in my set, and i don't know why,
or why the 7-pin socket on the rear panel is also
unwired. Except that as a Conelrad Monitor, it
would be integrated into the ham's rig, so maybe
extra space for power/control etc. lines might
be useful?

|it another way, the missing tube is directly behind the 6AQ5 which I am
|assuming is the audio amplifier.

--IF we are talking about the same radio, what is
the tube at the front panel, right next to the antenna
stage coil? A cursory look just now, i see a wire
going to the lamp on the front panel, so this may
be some kind of lamp driver?
I do not have a schematic, but it looks pretty simple
to draw out.

| Thanks for any help.  I am curious to see if this |baby works as well as
it looks.

--Well, perhaps we are talking about different
machines after all. I am sure the Conelrad thing
looks better than it works- it's nothing but the
equivalent of the AA-5 circuit - converter, 1 IF,
det/1st audio, audio power.
Hue Miller
Conelrad Monitor = i think this thing just monitors the
carrier of a local BC station, if it goes off the air,
we may be under attack, and it's time to tune to
640/1240 and/or head for the bombshelter.

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