info on R-390-A

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Sat Mar 4 21:23:59 EST 2000

I have an opportunity to procure an R-390-A locally. The gentlemen is
offering me (my choice) either a 1963 Imperial Electric version or an EAC
circa 1967. While we did have these on my fast frigate FF-1070 in 1987 I
have no experience with them since at that time I was a radar tech. I am
considering this rcvr to go with my recently acquired DX-100 and Ranger
xmtrs. I am looking for a really nice, quality rcvr that SOUNDS GREAT on am.
Does this qualify? Would it be a good mate to the Ranger and DX-100? Any
opinion is greatly appreciated since I know virtually nothing abt these sans
that they weigh > 100 pounds.

San Diego

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