price reduced SB-220

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Sun Mar 5 18:43:16 EST 2000

AG6K modified SB-220. Full output. Now reduced to $585 shipped lower 48.

Will take an HQ-170-A, HQ-180, or 51J-4 in partial trade.

Real performer of an amp. Recent procurement of a homebrew 4cx1500B amp
forces sale of this gem.

Modified with the following:

 1.    Change of tuning dials from 1:1 to 6:1 reduction drives.
 2.    Back to back meter protect diodes.
 3.    Power supply diodes, bypass caps and equilizing resistors replaced.
 4.    Placed diode accross NEW T/R relay to increase relay life.
 5.    Installed 200ohm dropping resistor in series with relay coil.
 6.    VHF parasitic suppressors installed.
 7.     HV fuse resistor installed to replace the old HV choke.
 8.     Grid fuse protection using AG6K's resistors and caps.
 9.     Cooling fan rebuilt. Now very quiet and moves LOTS of air.

 Have data and notes on all of the mods that were made. Plate voltage at
idle is 3100 and drops to 2600 fully loaded with 1300 watts out. Full out on
80-40-20 and slightly less on 17-15-12-10. Use auto-tuner with solid state
rigs if using the amp on 17 and 12. Use the 15 and 10 meter bands

This is a factory modified SB-221 (SB-220 bandswitch and tuned input). No
difference than an SB-220 except the front panel reads "SB-221" and the 10
meter band switch position is not labeled.

PERFECT operating condx. Amp will be double boxed and shipped seperately
from the tubes which are Eiamc and will also be double boxed. Both items
will travel UPS ground and be insured appropriately.

$585 shipped lower 48. Take HQ-170-A, HQ-180, or 51J-4 in partial trade.


San Diego

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