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If someone can assist ol' Leon (see below) please drop him an email
at rebooted1 at He's not sub'd to this list so he won't
see your reply if you respond here.
73, Jeff KH6O

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Subject: GB> alignment procedure

Hi Gang

This old man needs some help.
Does anybody have thew proceedure for tuning the xtal filter on a swan 260.
it is a 4 xtal filter with a coil in  beetween the xtal pairs and in
pararrel with them.
I have a pretty good freq standard and a scope. Freq stabdard can be
calibrated to a few cycles at 5.5kc which is the freqof the filter it is
supposed to be abt 2,5 kc wide but I dont know how to check it.
Right now I get a strong hetrodyne approaching a ssb sig from above
and the audio seems to come in as the beat gets lower in freq, but the audio
never gets really clear unless it is a very strong sig.
Could ise some help.

LEON WILTSEY 70 yrs old

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