FS: Big Air Variable Capacitors

Michael Crestohl mc at SOVER.NET
Fri Mar 10 06:36:13 EST 2000

These are perfect for building high power tuners!!

I have three of these and am probably never gonna use 'em!  They are all
made by E F JOHNSON and are used, excellent condition with no flashover
marks, etc.  All turn smoothly.

1.  351 uuF        7000 Volts

2.   2000 uuF     2000Volts  Air Gap .045  Catalog number 20000020

3.      ??             4500 Volts  Air Gap  .0125

Unfortunately the decal labels are not complete and this is the only
information I have on each item.

Price is $35.00 each or take 'em all for $100.00 plus UPS.


Michael Crestohl,

mc at sover.net

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