Audio signal generator wanted

Jeffrey Herman jeffreyh at HAWAII.EDU
Sat Mar 11 16:50:32 EST 2000

Another request from Leon (he's not sub'd yet so please email him
direct at rebooted1 at


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Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 09:33:16 -1000
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Hi Gang
Thanks loads for all the good info on aligning my filter.
Just got a hand held 2 meter rig used and am busy playing with it now.
Am going to try aligning the rig over the weekend and will let you know how
it all comes out thanks again.
now the reason fore this post.
I am looking for an audio osc, mine bit the dust and the parts I need
to repair it are not to be found.  LIke the main tuning cond. which shorted
(can u believe that) and several other hard to find parts.
So am trying to buy a simple tube type audio sig gen nothing fancy just
something that works.
Would try building one but as my work shop and station occupy our spare
bedroom and we have extended company visiting us who are sleeping in the
same room, my time is limited and will be for a while(unless they get pi--ed
  off and leave early. (hope springs eternal)
so anybody wanting to dump an old audio sig ben come on back.

LEON WILTSEY 70 yrs old

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